Atlantis Equipment

Seated Hack Squat

Pivot Leg Press

Reverse Plate-Loaded Hyper-Extension

Pendulum Squat

Arsenal Plate Loaded Equipment

Converging Flat Press

Converging Incline Press

Converging Shoulder Press

Plate Loaded Multi Row

Plate Loaded Shrug/deadlift

Power Squat

Inverted Leg Press

Bent Row Bench with Bar

Pit Shark

Belt squat with Dip and Pull-Up Attachment


Custom Burn and Blast Specialty Equipment

Custom made and weld plate loaded bent over row/deadlift from Warhouse Gym made by Rob Bailey for Ms Olympia, Dana Linn Bailey

Cybex Eagle Selectorized Line Equipment

Complete Equipment Range

Lifestyle Fitness Signature Series Equipment

Complete Equipment Range

Hilti Cardio Equipment

Complete Equipment Range

Hiitmills (magnetic treadmills w sleds and farmer walk attachments that are plate loaded so you can do push, pull, carries inside)


Ergo Upright Skiers

Assault Bikes


Ergo Arm Cycles

Box Master

Boxing Stations

Concept 2 Rowers

Unique Free Weight Bars

Safety Squat Bar

Hex Bars

Front Squat Harnesses

Zercher Squat Harnesses

Arm Blasters

Deadlift Assist Bars