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About Burn & Blast Training

Burn and Blast Training truly started when our owner Ronnie was an undergrad studying exercise science at TCNJ. In his concept-based fitness class, he was challenged to come up with his own concept of what fitness should be and it made him think, “As a football player, why am I focusing on doing one heavy rep all the time in the weight-room, when on the field I need to perform quick burst dynamic strength movements sustained over time? Aren’t we training all wrong for performance?”

Ronnie’s answer was to design movement pattern- based workouts specific to each position on the field that took basic strength training and combined it with athleticism and endurance. He showcased this in his final presentation by starting a group of players on the end line and having them do 20 plyo push-ups, immediately followed by 20 jump squats, immediately followed by a 20-yard sprint all the way down the field for what was 5 sets, take a 2-minute break and repeat for 30 minutes, or a half of a football game. Little did he know he came up with what would become the base of his Burn and Blast Training Method that has been perfected over time. It was perfected so much so that in one clinical trial, subjects boasted an average weight loss of over 40 pounds each (subjects having to have been at least 40% bf or higher at beginning of trial).

After having success in both corporate and private fitness settings working for others, Ronnie decided it was time to take his perfected method to the public and in 2009 at only 26 years old Ronnie’s first Burn and Blast Training studio opened its doors in the West End of Long Branch in a small but enigmatic 1200sq/ft space that served as a base of operations and growing reputation for 3 years. In 2012, Burn and Blast moved a few miles up the road from its original location to a 2500sq/ft beachfront location, brought on Anna Lubischer to help with training, daily operations and marketing, and enjoyed further success and accolades for 6 years. This eventually brought Burn and Blast to its new state-of-the-art West Long Branch location opening in early summer of 2018.

Despite 1000’s of satisfied customers, just check Burn and Blast’s over 100 reviews and five-star ratings on Facebook that date back more than 6 years, and a plethora of before and afters of real-life client results who not only changed their health, but kept it over the years Ronnie still maintains that what’s allowed Burn and Blast to steadily and continually grow over the past decade are his basic principles of: ethics first, followed closely by morals second, and treating everyone with kindness that walks through our doors. We truly believe no matter the quality of the training (albeit very high), it all amounts to nothing if the ownership from the top down aren’t the kind of people you want as a part of your life. We practice what we preach and built a business based on how we would have always wanted to be treated. Simply put, we believe in treating others exactly in the manner you would expect to be treated by them.

This is why we love our close-knit community at Burn and Blast Training. Ronnie has original clients from his corporate fitness days that he still sees 3-4 times per week an hour at a time, going on 14 years now. Ronnie often says that to have a large group of people who are willing to spend more time with you than their own families for more than a decade and a half must mean you’re doing something right. That’s all we ever really want out of his place of business and life in general; to do right by others, for others to say that Burn and Blast never let them down and always gave them their best, and just for people to be proud of the community we’ve all created together here.

We say it all the time when a client is about to give in, “Head down, eyes up, mind clear, heart full, finish what we started, we’re closer to the end than the beginning, and just give me that last little bit of grit.” And that really sums up Burn and Blast and who we are…we love you, we want the best out of you, and we’ll walk to the end of the line with you to help you squeeze it out. We love what we do and haven’t stopped for a decade and don’t plan on stopping until we can’t get out of bed anymore. So, LETS GET TO WORK!!!